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Apr 2, 2017

Phil, Heather and Les Travels

Result from some recent Phil, Heather and Les Travels
Category: General

SOSOL3 Cathkin Braes 19 March 2017

Green 4.575km 155m

Phil                  2/28     49m20 (47m10)

Short Green 3.225km 100m

Heather           2/15     47m39 (41m18)

Les                  7/15     56m15 (41m18)




Warwickshire Orienteering Weekend 25-26 March 2017

Rugby Urban 25 March

Mens' Ultravet 3.7km 25m

Phil                  12/71   33m30 (28m41

Les                  46/71   48m09 (28m41)

Womens' Ultravet 3.0km 25m

Heather           6/26     35m37 (33m19)


Bentley Woods 26 March

M65S 5.1km 175m

Les                         7/15        81m46 (57m18)

M70L 6.2km, 200m

Phil                        3/34        55m35 (50m22)

W65L 5.1km 175m

Heather           16/22               78m03 (52m31)