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Jul 8, 2017

Hull City of Culture Weekend

Heather and Les visit Hull
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Hull City of Culture Weekend – 24-25/06/17

We had free entertainment at our evening meal on the Friday night before the races when we watched the main road bridge over the River Hull being opened to allow a ship to pass.  The bridge then refused to close completely for about 45 minutes, much to the annoyance of traffic caught up in the queues on either side.

Day 1 – Tri-O

This consisted of (1) a score event in a former quarry, now a country park, (2) an urban score event in Cottingham village, and (3) a sprint event round Cottingham High School.  It was a standard sprint, but the first score event had even and odd controls and once you swapped from one type to the other you couldn't swap back.  The second score had three sets of control numbers and again once you changed to another set you couldn't go back.

                                    (1)       (2)       (3)

Les                  MUV   9th       11th     9th            overall 8th / 13

Heather           WUV  3rd        1st       1st            overall 1st / 5


Day 2 - UK Urban League

This was run in the centre of Hull City round the Old Town and Victoria Dock Village.  It included crossing locks via their gates and, for one unlucky competitor, being stranded on a swing bridge which was being opened for free bridge rides for tourists every three or four hours – our organiser and planner obviously hadn't anticipated this since the race was being run at low tide and therefore no ships would need the bridge opened.  Most courses were also affected by a control being in the wrong place and therefore two legs being voided.

Les                  MUV   54m38 (31m32)            34 / 38

Heather           WUV  32m01 (30m41)              2 / 21