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Jul 19, 2017

Fat Rascal Races, Bradford

Heather and Les visit Bradford
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Fat Rascal Races, Bradford – 8-9/07/2017

 This is a Fat Rascal - a flat scone with fruit and peel – my day 2 prize!

Day 1

This consisted of a Sprint race in Peel Park followed by a Chase in Lister Park.  Both parks had well-kept grass, flower beds and ponds with the added "attraction" of flights of steps in Lister Park.  Assembly for the second race was in the grounds of Bradford Grammar School where we needed to co-exist with the crew and cast of a Bollywood movie which was being filmed there.

Les                  MUV   49m12 (22m51)             26th/31

Heather           WUV  25m27 (22m24)              3rd/15


Day 2 - UK Urban League

This was run in the centre of Bradford round the Alhambra Theatre, Bradford University & Bradford City College, the National Science and Media Museum, Little Germany and the historic textile mills which provided much of Bradford’s wealth.  The event finish was close to Bradford City Hall with runners passing through City Park, Centenary Square and close to the Mirror Pool with its multiple fountains which dozens of youngsters and not-so-young people were playing in.  There was also a Literary festival taking place there with the Harry Potter feature proving the most popular – gowns, wands and live owls.

Les                  MUV   67m46 (34m08)            34 / 49

Heather           WUV  36m08                            1 / 21