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Sep 5, 2018

British Sprint and Middle Distance Championships

Heather and Les were KFO's only representatives at this event. Here is Heather's report.
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British Sprint and Middle Distance Championships - 1st and 2nd September 2018

The Sprint Championships (results here) was held at Bath University Claverton Down Campus. The campus is on a slope and its central building had two accessible levels with a service level below the main terrace. Notes were provided in advance to explain(!) how this had been mapped - they're still online and worth a read. The Heats and Finals finished on a sports track overlooked by the Assembly building balcony.

Sprint Heats:

W65 Heat C - 2.2km 35m (16:06)

Heather Smithard        2/11     16:23

M65 Heat B - 2.2km 30m (11:59)

Les Smithard               17/19 21:52

Sprint Finals:

W65 Final A - 2.2km 35m (14:03)

Heather Smithard        4/18     17:13

M65 Final C - 2.2km 30m (11:10)

Les Smithard               7/9       16:52

Middle Distance:

The Middle Distance Championships event took place at Stockhill Woods, SW of Bath. Stockhill has a history of lead mining so the wood was full of pits, depressions and gullies. The last controls were in a field, visible from assembly, and later competitors had a choice of elephant tracks to follow through the rough.

W65 - 3.3km 80m (36:53)

Heather Smithard        13/29   52:58

M65 - 4.2km 120m (37:43)

Les Smithard               47/57   77:59