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Dec 5, 2018

STAG 20th Edition of Glasgow Three Parks Sunday 2 December 2018

Results for STAG Glasgow Three Parks

Category: General

There were three races at Cunigar Woodland Park (E1), Tollcross Park (E2) and Drumpellier Country Park (E3). Winning times are shown for each of these, and then overall position (1/11), followed by position and times for each race (2/12:05)


  M70 MUV E1 11:46 E2 11:48 E3 23:05 Total  
Phil Smithard 1/11 2/12:05 2/12:32 2/23:13 47:50  
Rab Philp 4/11 3/13:39 3/13:06 5/25:39 52:24  


Full results are here

Read Phil's report of the event (including his winning photo)