News from KFO

Jan 9, 2019

Basic Orienteering Videos

The GB Orienteering Team have produced a series of eight videos demonstrating basic orienteering techniques, such as orienting the map.

Category: General

They are aimed at juniors and newcomers, and they are releasing one per week throughout this January and February.           

KFO assisted the producers by supplying the map of Tentsmuir for Kris Jones to use ("Intricate Contours" on 15th February).

The schedule for release is:

  1. Setting the Map – Charlotte Ward (4th Jan)
  2. Using the Compass – Hector Haines (11th Jan)
  3. Attack Points – Megan Carter-Davies (18th Jan)
  4. Aiming Off – Charlotte Watson (25th Jan)
  5. Large contour features – Chris Smithard (1st Feb)
  6. Route Choice – Alice Leake (8th Feb)
  7. Intricate Contours – Kris Jones(15th Feb)
  8. Simplification – Ralph Street (22nd Feb)


In addition to the eight films in the Skills Series, SLOW funded a ninth video which is really a guide for beginners covering most of the basics of orienteering. This film, presented by Graham Gristwood, stands alone but will also work well accompanying the series