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Jan 28, 2019

EUOC Big Weekend 25-27 January 2019

Results for the SOUL on the 26th and Classic on the 27th January 2019
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This was the first time I had been to this event for several years (Devil’s Burdens taking precedence previously). The map (and ground) of Arthur’s Seat is now a maze of paths, some large some small, and mapped at 1:7500. My 2003, and 2005 maps had hardly any paths, but by 2007 several had appeared. Was this the mapper’s whim or have more paths genuinely appeared? Whatever, these and the scale distracted me on the first control; that and the high wind, cold fingers and the distinct threat of losing the map may have contributed.

The EUOC students had decided to place the start near to the top of Arthur’s seat, or so it seemed: it was about 300m to the NNE of there, and 90m below. We joined the procession of tourists plodding to the top, and there were so many of them, it seemed as though they were queuing up near the top to summit, as though on a mini Everest. The way to the start was occasionally lost by several orienteers, including by me: a few more taped wind bushes would have helped.

The wind blew and blew, but eventually the sun appeared, so that in Meadowfield Park I was quite cosy in my cag; but then we had  to re-ascend and pass the start (so I was glad I kept it on) before descending to the north of Hunter’s Bog, only to have to go up again to Salisbury Crags for the last four controls.

Did you know if you double click on your name square in Routegadget that a table of your times appears, much as in Winsplits – just discovered that yesterday.


SOUL - Edinburgh City - 26-Jan-2019


Nicola Wood W40+ 4.6 km m27      
Heather Smithard W70 WUV 1.8 km 3/9 27:28 (30:49)    
Rab Philp M70 MUV 3.7 km 8/19 51:48 (40:20)    
Phil Smithard M70 MUV   12/19 53:58    
Les Smithard M65 MSV   19/25 76:11    

Full results are here

SoSol Classic - Arthur's Seat aka Holyrood & Meadowfield Parks - 27-Jan-2019


Green 4.3k 195m 41:05      
Dave Ellison M70 98/128 89:22  
Short Green 2.7k 130m 28:23      
Heather Smithard W70 19/56 48:28  
Light Green 3.0k 150m 27:57      
Nicola Wood W40 rtd    


Full results for the 479 competitors are here