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Mar 31, 2019

SOL2 - 31-Mar-2019 Dumyat/Hermitage Wood

Category: General


Short Blue 4.8k 240m 43:41      
Matthew Clark M50 31/46 75:39  
Green 4.3k 190m 46:24      
Phil Smithard M70 25/61 58:30  
Rab Philp M70 36/61 63:42  
Short Green 2.9k 140m 35:35      
Heather Smithard W70 18/53 46:03  
Les Smithard M65 30/53 56:31  
Jim Moffat M65 m10    


Full results for the 366 competitors are on FVO website
Note the Routegadget is in two parts:
                        one for the longer courses (Black - Green on Dumyat)
                        the other for shorter courses (Short Green - White on Hermitage Woods)