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Apr 19, 2019

JK 2019

Results of JK
Category: General

 As all these results are provisional, access to the links given may not always work.

JK Day 1: Sprint Aldershot Garrison on 19-April-2019


Full results are here

Phil Smithard M70 MUV 2.4 km 8/68 15:40 (13:51)    
Les Smithard M65 MSV 2.5 km M116      
Heather Smithard W70 WSV 1.9 km 6/33 13:35 (12:43)    



JK Day 2: Individual Middle Distance Race, Old Windmill Hill on 20-April-2019


M65S 3.5k 115m 40:59      
Les Smithard 20/29 65:23  
W70L 2.8k 55m 29:10      
Heather Smithard rtd    


Full results are here


JK Day 3: Individual Long Distance Race, Cold Ash on 21-April-2019


M65S 5.0k 115m less than 43      
Les Smithard 19/28 83:46  
W70L 5.0k 115m 59:32      
Heather Smithard rtd    


Full results are here These are provided by Race Results Info website. Their server is so slow it takes about a minute to swap to another page. The "less than 43" in the M65 results is because the leading time is currently given as about 7 minutes, with a message of "neg time first" (Sunday at 21:50)