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May 26, 2019

Scottish Championship 2019

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Scottish Championship 2019


Individual Day - Sat 25 May 2019 - Dalbeattie Forest


Full results for 572 competitors are here

 (at present - Sun 26th at 9:45 -  not all of the links to individual classes are working

John said that the event today was great fun. The forest was very tough to run through, with the map featuring a lot of contour and rock detail with all shades of green and shorter sections of white and rough open.  Even the white had some low branches with the leaves making long distance visibility impossible.  Careful use of the compass was essential.

Unfortunately on the longer courses there was a slightly off position control, which caused some people to lose a bit of time. As a result of a protest, the organisers have removed times for legs before and after the misplaced control (to a total of about 9 minutes)

Heather Smithard W70L 3.4k 120m rtd  (81:39)  
John Emeleus M50L 6.9k 220m 15/32 88:18 (63:44) 9th Scot
Les Smithard M65S 3.4k 120m 2/4 94:17 (91:07) 1st Scot
Jim Moffatt     m10-12   3rd Scot