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Nov 17, 2019

Tay Loch Ordie SoSOL and ESOA Champ 17 Nov 2019s

Results for TAY event
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Congratulations to Heather for being W70 trophy winner in the East of Scotland Individual Champions 2019


This was an area south of the one used for the Tay 2009 6 Days, all open moorland with highish hills rent by marshy streams. When I started, there was still dark gloom by the Tay, but between controls 1 and 2 the mist finally dispersed, revealing a beautiful day with fine views. I blame the mist for my long time between these controls, as small hills loomed large so I misidentified them, and when it lifted I discovered I hadn’t gone as far as I thought.

Blue 5.75k 360m 59:54      
John Emeleus M50 11/36 77:09  
Green 4.1k 220m 46:07      
Dave Ellison M70 41/46 89:46  
Short Green 3.0k 150m 35:04      
Heather Smithard W70 5/18 53:25
Jim Moffat M65 18/18 59:59  
Les Smithard M65 13/18 68:16  


Full results for the 145 competitors are on the TAY site