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Mar 16, 2020

CompassSport Cup 2020- 15-March Errochty

Category: General


Full results for the 268 competitors are here.


Blue Men 6.2k 225m 47:50    
Matthew Clark M50 22/32 92:28    
Green men 3.8k 190m 34:58    
Phil Smithard M70 18/31 61:23    
Les Smithard M65 28/31 100:59    
Veterans Short Green 3.2k 145m 44:05    
Rab Philp M75 5/27 52:21    
Super Veterans Short Green 3.2k 120m 59:47    
Heather Smithard W70 5/11 76:41    


The results for the CompassSport Trophy show we came 11/11; we had just five runners, three of us missing through illness, unfortunately. Otherwise we may have come ninth.