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Jul 10, 2020

Fife MapRun Postbox Challenge

New MapRun courses


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In an earlier news item (June 17th, 2020), we announced Fife's first MapRun. Now we can announce Fife's MapRun postbox challenge courses, around Glenrothes. There are currently eight of them, set up, with our thanks, by Judy Bell, the Regional Development Officer (East) of the Scottish Orienteering Association.

The Glenrothes Postbox Challenge are MapRuns visiting several postboxes in your area.

According to the SO site, "MapRun is an app which allows you to use your smartphone to enjoy orienteering. Using MapRun, you can run an orienteering course using either the map on your phone screen; the only difference from a “traditional” course is that there are no physical markers on the ground. Instead, the phone tracks your location as you run and vibrates or buzzes to confirm when you’ve reached each control point on the course."

Further details of how to try your first run are also given there, along with details of all map run courses in Scotland