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Oct 19, 2020

Kinnoull - 18 Oct 2020

Category: General

Thanks to TAY for inviting KFO to their local event and no fees either to celebrate their start up again. Who could resist a 'run' round Kinnoull Hill for a first outing since whenever. The terrain doesn't seem to improve with age, there being plenty of bracken still about to frustrate the direct routes mud on the tracks to make you wonder about if you made the right route choice and the gorse seems to be everywhere else on the map besides the green blobs already there. Slow but steady progress by Phil, with no great mistakes seems to have been the correct philosophy with no fastest legs and a bit of luck from the last control to the Finish with Grant Carstairs obviously taking the wrong path and thus over 6 minutes to the final punch otherwise he would have rightly been the winner. Angus, under great tuition from Rab, put in a great show. Jim missed a couple of controls and Matthew hiccuped at a couple otherwise it looks as if all had a great day out and the rain stayed off, which is always a plus. Les & Heather had entered, but the FM put paid to their trip out of the NHS Lothian area. Under Covid disciscipline, we arrived, ran and left, so I didn't see any of the other club members sadly, but it was really great to wave and smile at other well kent faces that are all 7 months older than when last seen. Thanks to Angela Dixon and Alistair Duguid for Organising and Planning the event and to TAY for inviting us along to their closed event.


Green 4.6k   68:17      
Phil Smithard M70 1/14 68:17
Matthew Clark M50 5/14 82:17  
Short Green 3.2k   57:55      
Jim Moffat M70 m8-9    
Yellow 1.8k   19:09      
Angus and Rab Philp M6 3/3 34:12  


Full results for the 31 or so competitors are on the TAY site