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Jun 1, 2021

Results from a couple of recent events

Nice to see orienteering opening up again
Category: General
Junior Cup - Auchingarrich - 30-May-2021


Adult Short 3.5k 65m 46:23      
Rab Philp M75 11/24 64:22  
Orange 3k 45m 40:40      
Aaron Lee M14B 3/3 72:53  
Full results are here
Tayside Club Event - Craig Vinean - 23-May-2021


Green 4.7k   56:11      
Neil Martin M55 3/12 61:26  
Matthew Clark M50 12/12 112:52  

Fran Loots (sometime Chair Person of KFO) was first; Finn Selmer Duguid (M14 and son of Alistair Duguid, sometime member of KFO) was second; and Grant Carstairs (sometime Chair Person of KFO) was fourth.

Full results for the 36 competitors are here