News from KFO

Dec 29, 2021

CompassSport Trophy 2022

Saturday 12 March, Callender Crags, Callender

Category: General

Confirmation has been received for the club's entry to the above competition to take place at Callender Crags, Callender on Saturday 12 March. This event is to be one of a series of events run by FVO that weekend and is an inter-club competition at this event for clubs in Scotland. The Trophy is for clubs with membership less than 125, (most), the CompassSport Cup being for clubs with more than 125 members (few).


Entry has to be made by individuals, but the competition make-up is for counting entries across a range of the normal colour coded courses - 2 counters in each course, though more members can run any course, but only 2 count for points. Sometimes to score points I have to ask folk to run up a course where we do not have many members, though this does not happen too often thankfully.


The entry gate for the event is not yet open, but when it is, I will put out an appeal and anyone wishing to enter the competition should advise me by e-mail what course they wish to enter so that I can ask for entries to be made to achieve hopefully the maximum number of points for the club. Start times are then allocated.