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Dec 29, 2021

ELO Festive Frolic

Musselburgh Lagoons, Sunday 28 December 2021
Category: General


The traditional end of year Frolic event from ELO took us to Musselburgh Lagoons this year, adjacent to the Racecourse. The very flat area was not complicated, had lots of paths, and staged a 60-minute score event with the added mind bender of having controls lettered instead of numbered. Sheila Strain had each of the 40 controls worth 10 points and additional points could be gained by visiting controls in an order that spelled out a Festive Word, so it was a Seasonal, Spelling and Mathematical test for all. It proved very good fun for all with much chat at the end swapping notes (at 1m distancing of course) on the words found and thus the additional points gained.


85 counters were out on the lagoons and Phil Smithard was 17th with 33 controls visited, 330 points and words to add 90 points for 420 overall, whilst Heather Smithard managed 26 controls, 260 points with 130 additional points giving 390 to take 24th place. An even better day resulted as both managed their timekeeping perfectly, Phil arriving back in 59:24 and Heather 59:22.


A great area for an afternoon's walk besides with plenty of birding to be done and great views across the Forth to see the Lomonds so recognisably standing out behind the Kirkcaldy urban sprawl.