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Feb 10, 2023

CompassSport Trophy 2023

Category: General
12-February 2023 Faskally


Full results for the 281 competitors are on here.


Short Brown 5.5km 280m 39:12    
John Emeleus 16/28 M55 61:18    
Matthew Clark 25/28 M55 98:50    
Blue Men 5.1km 240m 44:10    
Stephen Clarke 33/39 M50 84:48    
Neil Marten 35/39 M55 87:31    
Oscar Sanchez 36/39 M50 98:11    
Green men 3.3k 180m 32:30    
Phil Smithard 15/31 M75  49:49    
Craig McAdam 28/31 M65  89:45    
Veterans Short Green 2.6k 180m 33:51    
Rab Philp 5/26 M75 44:37    
Jim Moffat 20/26 M70 62:52    
Les Smithard 24/26 M70 84:01    
Orange Men 2.4k 70m 17:08    
Caleb Robertson 22/22 M12 90:11    
Blue women 4.8km 235m 40:14    
Sara Ordway 30/33 W40 77:41    
Green women 3.1k 165m 26:06    
Claire Duncan 38/41 W50 65:14    
Veterans Short Green 2.6k 130m 33:51    
Pauline McAdam 8/26 W65 46:14    
Super Veterans Short Green 2.5k 140m 41:21  
Heather Smithard 10/12 W70 80:39    
Yellow (Non CompassSport Cup) 2.0k 60m 20:28    
James Robertson 1/6 M45 20:28    
Zola Bryan 4/6 W20 44:19    
Lucy Ordway 5/6 W14 44:20    


Compass Sport Trophy 

The results for the Compass Sport Trophy (select the Compass Sport Trophy category) show we came 8/15, a great improvement from last year, thanks to all the KFO runners who took part. We had a score of 989 - Interlopers were in the lead with 1257.

The Compass Sport competition has two categories, one for large clubs (known as the Cup), the other for smaller clubs (the Trophy). Scoring in each Trophy Compass Sport class is a little complicated, but here is a brief outline. 13 scores per club count. These are the 13 highest scores from 20 scores for the club. These 20 scores are the 2 highest scores from each of the 10 classes in the competition, Brown to Super Vets Short Green. Scoring  will be 100, 99, 98,  etc. down to 0.  That is, the first person in a class, such as Short Brown, gets 100 points, the second 99 and so on. There are a few other ins and outs which you can read at 2022 Competition Rules - CompassSport Cup & Trophy.

KFO is a small club, and only 12 scores counted, as we didn't have runners in every class. As an example, Rab scored 98: he was position 3 in the Compass Sport Trophy category (his result above shows he was in 5th position in the Veterans Short Green class, but there were 2 runners above him in the Cup class)