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Feb 22, 2014

New Routegadget

A new version of Routegadget, based on Javascript, has just been published

Category: General

A new version of Routegadget has just been published, and our site now uses it.

 Routegadget 2 is written in Javascript (unrelated to Java) and so avoids security problems associated with Java.

I found operating the new version a little unintuitive, so here is a brief guide.

  • Click the Event tab, and choose your Event.
  • This will take you to the Courses tab, so tick the one(s) you are interested in. Note you can enlarge the map using your mouse wheel. Ticking Show will display the tracks of all the runners who have entered their route. (A track is a continuous line drawn from start to finish)




  • To choose whose route you want to follow, go to the Results tab, click the triangle on the course whose details you want to see. The squares in the track column indicate routes already entered, and ticking one shows the track for that individual. To allow you to see animation of routes for particular competitors, tick the squares in the Replay column opposite the competitors’ who have entered routes. A control panel appears at the bottom right. Full Tails draws a full track after the runner; Length 2 draws a tail of length 2, for example.
  • The Draw tab allows you to draw your route, much as in the original Routegadget