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Apr 30, 2015

SOSOL at Tulliallan

Interloper's SOSOL at Tulliallan 26 April 2015 - Dave's report

Category: General

 The weather was kinder to us than the forecast of heavy wintry downpours.

The start and finish were in the actual Police College grounds. The map was quite small especially considering the 1:7,500 scale.

Leg 5 on the Green foxed lots of runners, nearly half (according to winsplits) losing considerable time on it. My own error was lax use of rough compass to a ditch which I crossed, only to discover five minutes later, it was actually a  stream and I had veered off to the north by an embarrassing distance (embarrassing because there were several other Green runners to witness it).

There seemed to be an unseasonably amount of brambles around.

Full results for the 140 competitors are on the Interloper's site



Brown 7.2k        
Jari Pekkarinen M45 8th 58:52    
Dominykas Kardokas M21 19th 68:05    
Green 3.9k        
Ian Doig M60 5th 43:10    
Jim Moffat M65 6th 43:12    
Rab Philp M70 13th 48:56    
Dave Ellison M70 18th= 52:00    
Les Smithard 60 25th 63:26    
Short Green 2.4k        
Heather Smithard W65 4th 32:23