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Nov 17, 2015

Scottish Score 2015 Final Details

Scottish Score and Scottish Club Championships

Sunday 22nd November 2015

Final Details

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The final details are here Final Details

The number of extra map available for EOD are:
Course A    8
Course B  11
Course C    5
Orange       6
Yellow        6

The Scottish Score Championships incorporates the Scottish Inter Club Championships . Clubs are classified into Large & Small based on current membership & the level of activity based on SOL entries in the current year.

Clubs having 26 or more members competing at SOLs in 2015 - MAROC, FVO, ESOC, INVOC, MOR, GRAMP, INT, CLYDE, ECKO, TAY & RR - shall compete within the Large Clubs competition with 13 scores to count.

4 counters for AYROC, BASOC, ELO, KFO, SOLWAY, STAG & TINTO with between 2 & 23 SOL attendees in 2015 - Small Clubs competition