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May 11, 2016

British Champs, Cambridge Sprints, Southwell Urban results

Heather, Les and Phil's  results for British Champs, Cambridge Sprints, Southwell Urban results
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British Champs – Brown Clee – 30 April / 1 May 2016

Last-minute felling, brambles and tussocky moorland  made for some tough running.  The hailstones and rain were an added attraction. 

Individual - 30 April

M60S  5.2km 175m

Les                   11/21   100m42 (76m25)

M65L  6.2km 180m

Phil                   14/75   75m59 (58m 31)

W65L  4.8km 150m

Heather            19/33   105m34 (69m11)

Relay – 1 May

Mixed Ad Hoc

Les/Heather/Phil           22/39   141m35 (89m11)


Cambridge Sprint Races – 7 May 2016

Two very different areas were used: firstly a very modern college with wide open grassy spaces and car parks, and secondly an intricate housing estate with a maze of pathways.  The temperature was around 25°C

Men Super Vet

Race 1        2.1km

Les                   43/45   22m13 (12m43)

Race 2        2.7km

Les                   40/46   23m35 (13m10)


Les                   40/45   45m48 (25m53)

Women Ultra Vet

Race 1        2.1km

Heather            3/19     14m03 (12m31)

Race 2        2.7km

Heather            1/19     12m09


Heather            2/19     26m12 (25m54)

Southwell Urban – 8 May 2016

This was a mixture of modern housing with dead ends, and the old streets of the original village.  It was also surprisingly steep in places with a solitary knoll which was visited by all the courses.  This was another very hot day – 25°C.

Men Super Vet       5.5km 50m

Les                   30/35   62m09 (40m15)

Women Ultra Vet             3.0km 35m

Heather            2/9       33m30 (17m57)

Winner Chris Smithard used this course for Sprint training!