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Jun 1, 2016

Yellowcraig Country Park ELO Club Event

Phil's report on Yellowcraig Country Park ELO Club Event, Saturday 28 May 2016

Category: General

A sudden gap in the diary for the weekend discovered this event in dune & flat wooded country on the shores of the Forth.  Quick investigation decided on a train outing to North Berwick and a pleasant 3k walk in boiling temperatures along the John Muir Way to the Country Park.  The morning had seen some Junior Training and the highest available course was Lt Green, so with quite a bit of straight running and a complicated path network, this was ideal training for urban events - fast and furious with lots of decision making on a 1:5000 map. Roll on the British Sprints at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.  Errors made of course and a million other paths to distract - quite successful they were too!  A star course was the order of the day with four visits to the common control.  People dashing in all directions, so concentration to ignore them was paramount.  All for 3 quid.

A fine area for a run out with a good attendance and some unexpected d/qs for good competitors.  The brilliant weather must have distracted.

Routegadget shows some interest and particularly #4 on the Lt Green, where a tendency for a number to go to the east of the control - me included - on a straight line and precise compass from #3 looks as if a check of the map is in order - or the huge lump of metal under the ground needs to be identified.  I did the same, but to the west for #14, so what was the problem??? Thoughts of the ice cream van back at the car park maybe.


12th place (1st M65+) for 4.2k in 34:07 was not overly quick for the ground, but as actual distance covered was 5.1k ..................


A great day out with very welcome (cold) showers at the toilet block post run. And a big query. If North Berwick, a line terminus can have an excellent electrified rail service from Waverley achieving over 100mph, why can the Fife Circle not have the same service struggling along in noisy DMUs at a barely achievable 80mph - eventually!  The journey through to the Paisley SOUL was exactly the same - quiet and speedy.

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