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Jun 16, 2016

Tamar Triple Results 28-30 May 2016

Heather and  Les  results for Tamar Triple, Cornwall
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Tamar Triple Results 28-30 May 2016

Day 1: Plymouth (Urban)

Map included Plymouth Hoe, the Citadel (17th century fortress with multiple levels, still used by the military) and the Barbican (the old port area with narrow, cobbled streets).

Men's Super Vet: 4.8km, 130m

Les:                 38/53   72m 38 (37m 15)

Women's Ultra Vet: 3.3km, 70m

Heather:          2/27     39m 08 (39m 04)

Day 2: Davidstow Moor (Long)

A Second World War airfield with remains of buildings and runways combined with runnable moorland – a runner's area and not very technical

Green: 5.6km, 60m

Les:                 50/84   59m 58 (32m 45)                    

Short Green: 5.4km, 40m

Heather:          3/45     46m 37 (42m 28)        

Day 3: Mount Edgecombe (Middle)

A country park with great views over Plymouth Sound – parkland and steep-sided woodland. 

M60 (Blue): 4.2km, 245m

Les:                 28/32   72m 44 (40m 46)

W65 (S/Green): 2.8km, 100m

Heather           2/15     38m 01 (37m 15)