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Nov 7, 2016

ESOC SoSOL7 - Penicuik Estate on 06-Nov-2016

ESOC SoSOL7 - Penicuik Estate on 06-Nov-2016

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ESOC SoSOL7 - Penicuik Estate on 06-Nov-2016


This was certailny a drier run than my last outing at Penicuk, though it was a bit soggy in places. The weather was very kind, if somewhat cold after the run. The map had recent updates, but I found a few more than could have been added, particulary some fairly heavy going bracken unmarked on  8-9 on Green; and the bracken that was marked to the last control turned out to be a struggle of whippy canes similar to raspberries, with very kinky earth beneath. After all that I had a first - running straight past an obscured last control to a kite on a string course! I'm blaming the cataracts.



Blue 6.2k 240m 61:54      
Jari Pekkarinen M50 11/45 74:46  
Green 4.4k 180m 54:48      
Phil Smithard M65 1/54 54:48  
Rab Philp M70 15/54 69:52  
Jim Moffat M65 17/54 71:52  
Dave Ellison M70 43/54 95:39  
Orange 3.0k 80m 23:18      
Heather Smithard W65 5/15 39:25  
Les Smithard M60 8/15 48:29  
Yellow 2.6k 50m 16:18      
Megan Pekkarinen W10 5/12 24:31  


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