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Nov 27, 2016

SOA Scottish Score Champs 2016 on 27-Nov-2016

Results of the Scottish Score
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AOC SOA Scottish Score Champs 2016 on 27-Nov-2016


This year's Score Championships was at Palacerigg Country Park, near Cumbernauld, a very pleasant location, especially given the fine weather we had today. This was a new venue for me, most of it being a golf course, all of it OOB, save for the tracks and paths that cut through much of it. Inevitably, this meant the navigation was quite simple, unless you had legs enough to venture into the far west and north of the map. Congratulations to Frank who  managed to finish with little time wasted despite his watch failure.


441/540 61:56 means person's score / winner's score; person's time
60 Minutes            
Anita Laidlaw W40 3/3 441/540 61:56  
Phil Smithard M65 2/12 528/570 63:36  
Frank Popham M40 5/6 480/670 63:28  
John Emeleus M45 7/14 598/720 64:34  
Les Smithard M60 6/7 350/490 59:19  
Dave Ellison M70 3/4 360/441 58:16  
White 2.2k 30m 17:55      
Andrew Popham   4/4 22:46  


Full results for the 153 competitors are here