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Dec 6, 2016

UK Urban League Final Results 2016

Congratulations to Phil and Heather for second places in their respective classes, MUV and WUV
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19/11/16, Oxford City Race, Oxford City Centre

Colleges, town centre and sports fields. Wadham College proved interesting as there was only one way in and out, but not everyone spotted this before setting off only to find themselves at locked gates or dead ends.

MUV 3.9k 21 controls    
Phil Smithard 1/36 38:19  
MSV 5.3k 22 controls    
Les Smithard 50/53 92:23/37:42  
WUV 3.3k 18 controls    
Heather Smithard 4/17 45:06/41:10  





20/11/16, Double Dumpling City Event, Norwich City Urban

This included the City centre, an outdoor market, the Cathedral grounds and the Castle with its keep and several different levels of defences. Underground parking in a residential area caught a lot of us out.


MUV 4.0k 35m 24 controls    
Phil Smithard 1/27 37:23  
MSV 5.Ok 60m 27 controls    
Les Smithard 19/23 86:11/38:35  
WUV 3.0k 25m 23 controls    
Heather Smithard 1/12 40:21  



UK Urban League overall results:


Phil Smithard MUV 2/230 with 680 points (692 winner)  
Les Smithard MSV 12/258 with 527 points (696)  
Heather Smithard WUV 2/102 with 677 points (692)