Results from KFO Events

Lochore Meadows Community Sports Hub Open Event 5th May 2018

Kingdom of Fife Orienteers was pleased to contribute to the Lochore Meadows Community Sports Hub Open Weekend on Saturday 5th May. Plenty of people enjoyed the orienteering in sunny, dry conditions. Results are here. Look out for our follow up events next month in the Dunfermline area.


Orange 2.2k 35m 13 controls
1 Bond Family   27:00  
2 Morven Duncan   31.45  
3 Sara & Lucy Ordway   76.50  
  Jane Coulthaid   did not finish  
Yellow 0.9k 10m 9 controls
1 Coady Johnston & Sandra Smith   10:00  
2 Jude, Sol & Kevin   10.35  
3 David & Rowan   12.05  
4 Faye Williams & Victoria Holm   13.10  
5 Nathan Lee +2   15.15  
6 Brandon, Logan, Tyler & Amanda Fyfe   17.30  
7 Kiera Hynd & Yvonne Hynd   24.30  
8 Jacob Ingham & Stephen Mitchell   30.00  
9 Guy Platten + 3   34.00  
White 1.0k 10m 10 controls
1 Henderson + 1   13.25  
2 Anya Walsh   14.15  
3 Keanna, Jamie, James & Yvonne   17.50  
4 Samuel, Emily, Gillian & Hazel Wilson   21.00  

Sunday 12th March 2017 CompassSport Cup and Trophy

String Course Results

Controller’s Comments

Early spring shows Tentsmuir at its best, no bracken growth and good visibility.  Despite the description of being “rather flat” there were certainly plenty of technical and physical challenges to competitors across all courses, as evidenced by reaction at the finish.  Grid forest areas are difficult to plan in; Rab Philp did a great job, including some good surprise legs.  The new Lidar map meant a re-check of 67 control sites from the previous map version and a very late exclusion zone placed by the Forestry Commission meant a re-plan of both brown courses.
It’s a credit to KFO and indeed other small Scottish clubs, that such large and complex events can be very effectively staged by them.

Ewart Scott

Saturday 4th June 2016

KFO Local Event

Dunnikier Park, Kirkcaldy

White 0.9k        
1 Steven Low     14.27    
Yellow 1.1k        
1 Lucia Low     17.08    
2 Monika Pekkarinen     30.00    
Orange 2.5k        
1 Ian Doig     24.05    
2 Megan Pekkarinen     37.10    
Light Green 4.0k        
1 Rab Philp     40.01    
2 Heather Smithard     53.56    
3 Les Smithard     58.46    



Friday October 31 2014
Dunfermline and District Sports Council Orienteering Festival, Pittencrief Park
Overall results
White Course Team results
Yellow Course Team results


Sunday 5th October 2014
KFO SOSOL2 Tentsmuir

Sunday 16th March 2014
Sol1 Devilla Results

Sunday 23rd June 2013
KFO SOSOL6 Tentsmuir

Sunday November 30th 2008
KFO Sosol3 Tentsmuir South