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Orienteering in Dunfermline on Saturday 29th June 2024

Kingdom of Fife Orienteers are staging our next orienteering event at Pittencrieff Park, Dunfermline, Fife on Saturday 29th June 2024. This event will be suitable for all abilities, from those just starting out, to people who have been orienteering on many previous occasions, even to those preparing for the World Orienteering Championships.


It's a lovely park with plenty of interesting features.

Entries are open here.

For this event the format is a bit special.

We will have two mass starts followed by a relaxed start for families and juniors. A mass start means competitors will all start together on a whistle. Everyone has a slightly different variant of the course so you still have to do the navigation yourself.

Course Information

There are 3 courses:

Long: total straight-line distance approximately 3.5k (the actual distance depends on your route choice), consisting of three loops.

Medium: straight-line distance 2.5k consisting of two loops.

The loops are run in different orders so there are three versions of the long course and two versions of the medium course. The medium course is also technically more straightforward than the long course.

Short: 1.1k This course doesn’t go into the glen but mainly uses the paths in the main part of the park. It is suitable for families.

There will be a mass start at 11am for elite orienteers and people who want a fast-paced challenge, perhaps as final preparation for the World Orienteering Championships.

There will be a second mass start at 11.15 suitable for anyone who has done some orienteering before.

After that, from 11.20, juniors and families who want to take part together can start at their own pace when they are ready. This will be ideal for beginners because the park is friendly territory. It will definitely take less than an hour to do.

When you enter the event you should pick one of the start times. You will only get a choice of course if you go for the 11.15 “everyone” start – where you can pick long or medium. For the first start (the "elite") there is just a single course offered – with slightly different loops to make it very interesting.

We will send out some Final Details nearer the time to give full information on where to meet us and how to get there.

This is going to be great. See you there.


Results Saturday 23rd March 2024 Townhill Woods, Dunfermline




We had a great time running the KFO orienteering event at Townhill Wood today.

Everyone seemed enthusiastic at the end, even if they were frustrated by some of the challenges of the course.

Many thanks to John Campbell who planned the courses. Thanks to Claire, Craig, Gordon, Steve, James, Caleb, Phil, Jane, Alan, Shona and Nathan for help at the event. We could not run these without such helpful volunteers.

The detailed results are here.

If you aren’t already a member of KFO then you can join here.

We are a growing club with a mixture of ages and abilities, all enjoying orienteering in and around Fife. Being a member helps us shape our programme to meet your needs and to offer coaching and training support



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Orienteering and KFO

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Orienteering is an exciting foot race, often through forests, navigating from one point to another on a predefined course printed on an orienteering map. The aim is to navigate around all the points in the shortest time; the fun is in avoiding getting lost, in order to beat your rivals. All ages can take part, from age 2 to over 90 years.

Kingdom of Fife Orienteers (KFO) is a small club. We cover the whole of Fife, with members as far north as Gauldry, as far west as Saline and as far south as Dalgety Bay, and beyond. The club always welcomes beginners - no experience needed.

Orienteering can take place almost anywhere from the remotest forest and countryside to urban parks and school playgrounds. It’s a great sport for anyone who just loves to be outdoors. It is also a very good way for runners, joggers and walkers to improve their navigation skills.

Not for nothing is orienteering sometimes known as ‘The Thought Sport’! Decisions are needed from even before reaching the Start of the course right through to punching the Finish. These decisions are usually based on information received from what can be seen on the ground, information received from the map, personal navigation skills, personal fitness, confidence in abilities and so on.

The best place to get started is at a local event, especially an introductory event near to you. At most events you can just turn up and have a go. You have to register and pay the fee and there will be someone at registration who will help guide you as what to do. When you get to the Start the adventure begins. We hope you enjoy the experience and will want to join KFO, see the Membership page.

Want to know more? See us on the About Us Page.

Further information can be found on the Scottish Orienteering Website