About KFO

Who are KFO?

Kingdom of Fife Orienteers (KFO) metamorphosed from West Fife Orienteers (WFO) in 2000, shortly after WFO's 21st birthday celebrations in 1999. As the new name suggests, we cover the whole of Fife, with members as far north as Gauldry, as far west as Dunfermline, as far east as Anstruther and as far south as Rossyth, and beyond.

WFO's first event was at Townhill woods, north of Dunfermline, in 1978. Despite being a small Club, we are regularly involved in the planning and organisation of local and major events.



Kingdom of Fife Orienteers is a growing club. Joining helps us tailor our events and training to meet your needs, and gives you a say over the direction of the club.

In common with other clubs in Scotland Membership of Kingdom of Fife Orienteers is available in two ways:

  1. As a member of the club and of the Scottish Orienteering Association
  2. As a member of the club and the Scottish Orienteering Association and of British Orienteering


The first option is for people who are likely to take part only in Scottish events. The second option is aimed at people who need the full insurance cover from British Orienteering to serve as club or event officials.

There are four categories of membership:

Senior any member aged 21 or older      on 31 December of the membership year  
Junior any member aged 20 or younger on 31 December of the membership year  
Young Adult any member aged between 21 and 25 on 31 December  
Family two adults and one or more children  

The costs to join (i) KFO plus Scottish Orienteering; or (ii) KFO plus Scottish Orienteering plus British Orienteering are:

 (i) plus SO(ii) plus SO and  BO
Senior      15           30
Junior        3             8
Young Adult        5            15
Family      34            69

To join KFO please go to Join or Renew Your Membership and follow the specific instructions for your chosen membership option.

If you are unsure what to do please contact our membership secretary via info1@kfo.org.

For detailed information, the component part of the fees are broken down as follows:

 KFO fee
Scottish O feeBritish O feeTotal
Senior      3         12      15           30
Junior      1           2      5           8
Young Adult      3           2      10           15
Family      8           26      35           69


(note that KFO’s AGM will consider a proposal to reduce the family fee for 2025)




KFO Committee


Chair Person Claire Duncan
Secretary Matthew Clark
Treasurer (Phil Smithard non committee member)
Committee Members Steve Clark, Dave Ellison, Gordon Handy